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critical ecologies: geography club

I’m thrilled that a new chapter of Geography Club has started up in my current town. We have been meeting semi-regularly to exchange ideas, share our projects, and go to events and talks. It’s been great to connect with people here and to get to nature nerd out with folks who share a similar critique […]

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feeling measurements

I facilitated a workshop with Kerri Flannigan at Open Space in Victoria, BC. This workshop considered radical intimacy in our local environments, through the act of considering our sonic relationships to shared public space, with a particular focus on bird sounds/songs in the downtown area, the harbour and Meegan (Beacon Hill Park). https://feelingmeasurements.com/about/ ________________________________________________________________________________________ The […]

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A biophony is the collective voice of non-human life in an environment. i’ll be returning to the ayatana residency program in May of 2017 as an expedition leader for the Biophony: Bioacoustics for Artists program. find more about the program here.

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vespertine in toronto

Large screenprinted versions of my prints are currently up in Toronto at the Dbeatstro Cafe. The space cultivates community and creativity though showcasing art, live music and other community events. It is also an awesome vegan cafe that has a great brunch on the weekends.  

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grandmothers in gravenhurst

In August of this year I was honoured to work the the Radical Design School in Toronto to facilitate a workshop for Grandmothers to Grandmothers in Gravenhurst, Ontario. It was a productive two days and great to spend a few up in the beautiful landscape of the Muskokas. Students made excellent work and are each […]

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waysides and wastelands

I made these sketches of the flora of the wastelands and waysides of montréal this past summer. I enjoy walking my dog along the tracks and in the abandoned post industrial areas that are left in the city. It’s always amazing to me what is growing in those spaces, what habitat it provides for insects […]

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This past summer I was an artist in residence with the Ayatana Biophilia Artists’ Research Residency program. For a week I stayed in Chelsea, QC with 5 other artists from the US, Iceland and Australia studying nocturnal species and exchanging ideas about our art practices in relationship to the natural world. We slept in a […]

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if you got ears

I hosted the If You Got Ears show for CKUT in October. It’s was a great chance for me to experiment with some sounds I’ve been collecting and talk a little about nature, technology and feminism. CKUT says that If You Got Ears is a weekly, two-hour voyage through various types of sonic experimentation: ranging […]

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school schmool

for the 2015-2016 academic year my work was featured in the school schmool day planner published by the two Public Interest Research Groups at Concordia and McGill. Below are a few of the drawings that became banners for individual months. Each creature reflected the name of the full moon for that month.

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rise above!

From August through the beginning of November I’ve been the featured artist at Rise Above Restaurant in St. Catherine’s, Ontario. It’s been great to work with these folks. The restaurant is a beautiful space and the menu is excellent. Check them out if you are ever in st kitts!

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william way art gallery

See below for the write up from the art show invitation. It was such an honour to work with these youth and be a part of this project. About the exhibition (July 11 – August 29, 2014) Mural Arts invited printmaker Estraven Lupino-Smith to work with students at the Attic Youth Center, where they have […]

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