common survival

I had a piece accepted into the journal Common Survival of the Institute for Queer Ecology. My submission for the journal is a sound piece and relief cut print reflecting on the Coywolf. This coyote-wolf hybrid is a result of the altered landscapes of settlement in north america/turtle island. The coywolf is a queer species: it exists beyond binaries of the so-called natural order.

The Coywolf is a species that exists because of a wolf and coyote breeding strategy for survival. Its existence also makes space for a queering of ecology by understanding survival outside of the binaries presented by a dominant rhetoric about “the natural order”. Instead the coywolf offers a queered understanding of how to thrive under capitalism, urbanization and ecological instability. The history of the coywolf is also a history of settlement and colonialism in north america, as the territory of the western coyote moved east on the continent. The reason I chose a sound piece for this submission is to consider aural information, highlighting holistic ways of reading and understanding landscapes, and the importance to survival across species.

The Institute of Queer Ecology (IQECO) is a collaborative organism looking to find alternatives. We aim to nurture a new environmental paradigm based on the concepts of interconnectivity and inseparability. The solutions to environmental degradation are found on the periphery and we seek to bring them to the forefront of public consciousness. Guided by queer and feminist theory and post-colonial studies, we work to undue dangerously destructive human-centric hierarchies—or even flip them—to look at the critical importance of things happening invisibly; Underground and out of sight.