Muirin | Of the Sea

During the month of January 2018, I was an artist in residence at the James Black Gallery. During my time there I developed some new work, getting to bring to fruition some ideas that had been floating around in the archives of my brain or just a few sketches in my notebook. Muirin, meaning “of the sea” in Scottish Gaelic, is a collection of pieces related to selkie mythology, shapeshifting, gender and identity. Using materials including discarded navy ship rope and willow harvested from vancouver’s abandoned lots, I put together an installation reflecting on the arbitrary nature of gendered objects and actions, and the relationship of my body to the sea.

The rope pieces in the show are all made from boat or sailing rope. I reproded the knotting patterns of traditional lace making working with material much larger than the pattern is intended for. The pieces are meant to reflect on working with a harsh textile found in traditionally masculine spaces, while using a knotting pattern meant to produce a fine and feminine object.