This series was developed during a long winter. To counter the gloom and doom of long cold nights, I paid reverence to creatures of the night. Some of my favourite animals have evolved or adapted to evening activity to survive and thrive. Each animal is paired with a plant of significance. These species are paired because of their natural and cultural connections. The series also reads as a kind of alternative to saints. Each animal stares right back at you. So often our encounters with animals are swift: they run to hide, they avoid human interaction. Indeed for most animals being people-shy is a survival strategy. This series allows us to face these creatures, to become the subject of their gaze, to see them in a way that we are not normally permitted.




This series was developed because of a fascinating fact that I learned about species that undergo complete metamorphosis: in transition they turn completely to liquid before emerging in a completely new form. Insects are simply awe inspiring. The transformation they make spoke to my own path as a person. I understand that I am made of the same material that I was in a former state, but in a lot of ways I feel like I have transformed. They way I understand my own mind, my body and my relationship to those around me has grown and shifted immensely over time.