My work as a sound artist began when I first became involved with punk. I was drawn to the raw energy and disorder of punk, and something excited me about the attempts of people to pair their music with community building and social justice. The performance element of being in bands opened up a space for me to be empowered and to take up space in a way I had never experienced before. I also love the collaborative nature of punk, at least, the potential for collaboration. There is something magical about connecting with others through a collective writing process and then sharing that with others through performance. Punk has it’s limitations, and I am somewhat distanced from it these days, but it is a big part of who I am and how I have developed as an artist and as a person.

In recent years I have been working more on my own, beginning to record and play my solo work. Still in development, you can find my solo work up here. I have also worked collaboratively with video artist to score their work, and to compose tracks or play live for performances.


Saturniid is a multidisciplinary collaborative project with James Goddard. Often improvisational, Saturniid weaves live and recorded vocals, drone music and projections into a soundscape reminiscent of a thousand moths around a porch light. Sometimes paired with politically charged archival footage or field recordings, Saturniid explores the ideas from Sun Ra’s Saturn and the metamorphosis of a Saturnidae moth. James has played in numerous projects including Elise Barbara’s Black Space, Platitudes, *Shining* *Wizard* and NYON.


FQ was a hardcore punk band based in Toronto with members in 3 different cities. Characterized by intensity, politically driven lyrics and a strong 90s influence, Force Quit was a project that produced a cassette split and a 7″ release, as well as being featured on some compilations. Some memorable performances include Fed Up Fest, Smash it Dead Fest and C.L.I.T. Fest. Our 7″ is still available and features a hand printed lino cut cover.