Grandparents | Winner of Best English Zine at the 2014 Expozine

This is my piece from the 2014 Grandparents zine, edited and illustrated by Kerri Flannigan. The collection won best english zine at Expozine that year. Kerri’s illustrations are based on photos of my grandparents and their house in Rexdale. I was very close with my Scottish grandparents, and this was a very vulnerable piece to write. I learned to draw on scraps of paper from the printing factories my grandfather worked in, and spent countless hours tinkering with him in the basement building things and talking to him about kinds of things. Until I was about 11 or 12, I stayed over every week, and would share a bed with my grandmother. She would give me back scratches and we would have sweet pillow talk where she would tell me stories about scotland or sing me Irish songs as I fell asleep, as her family had immigrated from Ireland to Scotland a generation or two before she was born in Glasgow.

La Pointe: The Other Side of the Tracks

La Pointe is a publication about Point St Charles, a neighbourhood in the South West of Montreal. This booklet accompanies an audio documentary that I co-wrote the narrative script for. As part of my research, I visited the Point St Charles Archives and found evidence about a small library opened by the community when the city refused to provide one. Years later a small infoshop opened at the same address. Through working on this project witht he Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling I had the chance to meet veteren activists and community workers from the South West who carry so much history about this neighbourhood and the community institutions created through movement building and struggle.